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What’s Happening

In term one we started the year with a whole school excursion to the beach for our rock pool explorations. Andrew very capably led, guided and instructed our students in discovering lots of exciting rock pool treasures. There’s nothing quite like being able to wade through the water and forage in rock pools for sea creatures to really add to the excitement of learning and discovery about the sea environment and living things that inhabit that environment.

All of the students really enjoyed the specialist gymnastics program that we ran in term one through the Sporting Schools Program funding. We seem to have quite a few talented young gymnasts, keen to pursue this sport further. Our grade 3-6 students all loved their experience of caving this term as they were challenged to explore this underground environment. This experience is a great opportunity for these students to challenge themselves physically and mentally, while also developing skills in team work and leadership.

The grade 4,5,6 students have been working with our chaplain Ed and their teachers on some leadership programs to build leadership skills and initiate some student driven projects around the school. At the moment we have a farm project developing and lunch time sporting activities.

Our major student learning focus for this year is continuing to be a focus on oral language, however we have also started work on developing great student writers. We’ve been really pleased by the progress that our students have made with building their writing skills and working towards their individual writing goals.

The term one focus in Challenge Based Learning was a unit called The Quest. This was a Geography and Science based investigation unit with our older students exploring different biomes and our younger students on a dragon quest. There were lots of investigations and discoveries about different landforms, habitats, climates and adaptations needed to survive in these environments. Next term’s challenge will be a maths and science focus on the Circus, which will be a lot of fun and have plenty of scope for student investigations, including a student run Old Fashioned Fun Fair!

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